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Shampoo / conditioner bars

Image of Shampoo / conditioner  bars

We are slowly transitioning away from the metal tins to boxes just like our bar soaps.

No plastic waste means less in the landfill. These small but mighty shampoo bars are good for 60-80 washes! Much longer than a bottle of shampoo and no plastic to throw away. Just make sure your bar is able to dry between uses and they’ll have a long life. Our shampoo bars are made to match the ph of your hair. You may see shampoo bars that look like bar soap, we tried several batches but you just can’t make the ph right for your hair. That’s when we came up with these awesome shampoo bars.

Shampoo. To use: rub the bar on your head until it lathers. Set down the bar and massage your scalp. Voila!

Shampoo Ingredients: coco sulfate noodles, btms, slsa, coconut oil, fragrance, witch hazel, coco betaine, cetyl alcohol, aloe Vera, polyquat, mica.
Conditioner Ingredients: shea butter, btms, cetyl alcohol, coconut oil, fragrance, mica.